As an End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO), TQUK is always on the lookout for quality people to join our End-Point Assessment (EPA) team. Within that team, EPA Assessors are the worker bees in The Hive. They’re the people who deliver the amazing service we offer.

EPA Assessors verify an apprentice’s occupational competence during their End-Point Assessment and are meant to be fair and impartial arbiters of quality. They always come to an objective assessment of an apprentice’s knowledge, skills and abilities at the end of their programme. Being an EPA Assessor also requires individuals to be flexible in their approach to assessment and create situations where an apprentice’s best qualities can shine through.

Being an EPA Assessor is one of the best jobs in further education right now, and there are loads of reasons why. To get you started, here are three perks of being an EPA Assessor!

You Can Travel All Over the UK

EPA Assessors have to be nimble. Like our symbol, the humble honeybee, they travel all across the UK, dispensing the pollen of their knowledge and experience.

As education professionals, travelling the country will increase your understanding of regional apprenticeships and further education needs. It will also allow you to expand your network, share your knowledge and experience across industries and actively contribute to spreading great educational practices.

You Can Help Improve the Economic Health of the UK

As you may have heard, the UK has a bit of a skills gap. There are widening gaps in vital sectors like healthcare, education, hospitality and more for a variety of reasons: under-investment in skills, underemployment, misemployment and Brexit. If the UK is going to compete at a high level in the global marketplace, we need to invest massively in education and skills. We’ve previously written a blog on the issue of the skills gap in healthcare and offered some solutions to the problem, so you might want to take a look!

Apprentices will play a vital role in helping to plug these skills gaps. Employers all over the country are discovering the value of investing more in apprenticeships and are hopping right on board. Not only do apprenticeships improve the economic health of the UK, but they also bring a wealth of benefits to their employers. For example, hiring an apprentice is a great way of increasing an organisation’s productivity, decreasing staff turnover and training people to have vital workplace skills.

As an EPA Assessor, you’ll be helping to secure the future economic health of the UK by ensuring that all apprentices you complete have all the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to succeed.

You Can Contribute to Creating the Next Generation of Apprentices

As an industry leading EPAO, we see the dedication and passion of our assessors every day. Assessing vocationally-related qualifications is a tough job and we are always amazed at the knowledge and experience that they display when working with their apprentices.

As an EPA Assessor and subject expert in a particular apprenticeship standard, you’ll be able to exercise your passion for your chosen field while ensuring that the next generation of apprentices survive and thrive. Doing what you love while helping individuals passionate about their programme will be all in a day’s work!

Sectors and Standards for Assessors

If you’re excited by the prospect of beginning your career in assessment, and you have experience, we would love to hear from you! Here are the sectors that are currently seeing a massive demand for EPA Assessors.


At the moment, there are huge staff shortages in healthcare positions all over the UK. This means that the number of healthcare apprenticeships in the coming years is set to rise, along with the need for EPA Assessors in various healthcare subjects.

See all our approved Healthcare standards below:


TQUK is well known for our expertise in the hospitality industry. Our training providers include some of the hospitality organisations in the UK. If you have hospitality experience and would like to share your knowledge and expertise, get in touch.

See all our approved Hospitality standards below:


Business apprenticeships are sharply rising in popularity. Employers all over the UK are recruiting apprentices to develop, implement, maintain and improve all kinds of services. Business apprentices can also specialise in certain areas, from customer service to project management and learning and development. It is vital that these apprentices receive a rigorous assessment to ensure their skills are up to snuff.

See all our approved Business standards below:


Management apprenticeships are by far the most popular apprenticeships among the new Trailblazer standards. They provide the training would-be managers need to get the very best out of their teams. As an EPA Assessor, you’ll help make sure these apprentices have all the skills they need to make a real impact on their business.

See all our approved Management standards below:


A new and exciting area for apprenticeships, the retail sector is in great need of skilled people to manage their operations. Retail is entering a new era, with disruptions such as online shopping, sustainability and customisation presenting massive opportunities for the sector to respond and evolve. You could help new apprentices prepare for this.

See all our approved Retail standards below:

Sales, Marketing & Procurement

In a crowded marketplace, employers need to make their organisations, products and services stand out. Apprenticeships in the Sales, Marketing and Procurement sectors will train people up to help organisations develop their profile, increase turnover and find new opportunities. Assessors in this area will need vast amounts of knowledge and experience to ensure these standards are correctly applied.

See all our approved Sales, Marketing and Procurement standards below:


An often overlooked section of apprenticeships, HR apprentices are fast becoming a must-have in all organisations. The training they receive will help ensure that their companies remain compliant with employment regulation, excel at resourcing and develop in new directions. The number of apprentices in these standards are climbing, and fast. Help them become all that they can be!

See all our approved HR standards below:

Hair & Beauty

Aesthetics have a long and proud history in apprenticeships. Many young barbers, stylists and artists of all kinds enrol in these apprenticeships every year to begin their careers. You can help them become brilliant in their craft!

See all our approved Hair & Beauty standards below:

Childcare & Education

It is vital for the welfare of the next generation that we have people with the right skills to raise, nurture and educate children. Childcare and education are in-demand and stable career routes that many individuals opt for. It will be up to you, as an EPA Assessor, to apply standards so that apprentices in childcare and education can operate effectively in their workplace.

See all our approved Childcare & Education standards below:


We hope we piqued the interest of all you potential EPA Assessors out there! If you would like more information, you can call 03333 583 344 and speak to one of the members of our EPA Team.

To keep up to date with the latest news from TQUK, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

See you around The Hive!

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