Meeting the Team

Welcome to the Hive, are you ready to meet the busy bees that make this all happen? From top to bottom we have a talented and dedicated team who work hard behind the scenes ensuring that EPA with TQUK is a piece of cake.



Andrew Walker – Managing Director

Andy is our Queen Bee, a title he’s asked the staff to stop using. He works relentlessly to promote the Hive and build our team across the industry. Acting as Responsible Officer, he’s accountable to Ofqual, the industry regulator, for TQUK’s compliance and to the staff for provision of new drones when the rest of us cannot go on.

Andy reports to and sits on both the Advisory Panel and Board/Governing Body where any actions given will be disseminated by him to the Senior Management Team and colleagues. He’s also been the main driver for establishing all our EPA policies and getting our ESFA application together. He really is the boss.

Kelle McQuade – End-Point Assessment Director

As our head honey bee, it’s Kelle’s job to venture out into the wide world and return with the valuable nectar that helps the Hive grow. She’s responsible for generating new business and liaising with prospective employers who are interested in assimilating into the Hive mind.

She is also responsible for making sure that our existing training providers and employers have everything they need to do what they do best for apprentices up and down the country.

Kelle’s quite keen on butterflies, so wherever and whenever possible, be sure to point them out to her. She will love it. And then she will swarm.

Katie Orr – Awarding Director

Katie worked for Ofqual before joining TQUK and whipping this Hive into our very best hexagonal shape. She works closely with Andy to shape the Hive’s strategic direction and oversees the other departments’ honey production.

It’s rumoured she uses pages of Ofqual’s General Conditions of Recognition as kindling for her bee smoker.

Katie also reports to and sits on the Advisory Panel.

Paul Morrison – Head of Quality and Compliance

Paul is the quintessential worker bee incarnate. He’s responsible for overseeing the Quality and Qualifications Team,  ensuring the smooth coordination of our Subject Experts, External Verifiers and in-house quality staff. Paul has a knack for processes and is thus perfect for validating all of the awards TQUK makes.

Paul likes to think he is healthy but naughtily binges on our honeycomb when no one’s looking.

Tom Costigan – Head of Operations

Back in the days when the Hive was just a twinkle in Andy’s eye, Tom started with TQUK as a little grub, becoming an account manager when they had only a handful of qualifications. He is now Head of Operations and is responsible for overseeing his own team of drones in the Operations Team. Tom’s responsible for ensuring all our centres receive the level of service they have come to expect.

Tom has several flowers around town at which he likes to gorge. Never ask him to describe the differences between tulip and magnolia nectar. He’ll have you planted there for days.

Kyle Green – Creative and Communications Manager

Kyle joined TQUK in 2016, flying in from a first aid company where he’d spent two and half years. He’s responsible for increasing Hive awareness through social media and marketing campaigns whilst also ensuring the smooth running of the Hive’s website.

It is Kyle’s responsibility to ensure that our customers have the right information, in the right place, at the right time and that the Hive’s reputation as a dynamic and forward thinking company is reflected in everything we present to the outside world.

When needed, Kyle calls upon a crack creative team of worker bees from all four corners of the meadow to produce high-quality marketing materials that properly represent the Hive.

Danielle Fallon – Head of Sales and Marketing

Danielle has worked in the education sector for the last 10 years and absolutely loves it – so TQUK was delighted when she decided to join us! As Head of Sales and Marketing, Danielle will be generating leads for the Client Relationship Team, negotiating new business partnerships, overseeing client relationship processes and the Creative Team, promoting the TQUK brand and identifying new and emerging markets for us to explore.

When she’s not blazing a trail through the FE sector for TQUK, you can find Danielle crashing the nearest gig or music festival in typical Mancunian style. She also joins Kelly in the small yet vocal minority of Man City fans in the office. We’re not quite sure what to do with them.

Matt Garrod – End-Point Assessment Officer

Matt is one of our younger bees but has an impressive honey making pedigree with previous experience with a starring role in an episode of TV’s Shameless. He’s a right Manc and we knew he had to be part of the Hive immediately.

Matt  is an integral part of the EPA honeycomb, assisting employers, apprentices and training providers will all things EPA. From the management of MCQ papers to organising a number of other End-Point Assessment components, Matt is all things EPA.

Chris Mannion – End-Point Assessment Coordinator

Chris joins us as a keen Manchester City fan and is automatically enlisted in the infinite war that rages inside TQUK Towers of red vs blue! His one true love is chocolate, and he’ll chomp on all variations from white to milk to dark – just make sure there’s not a hint of fruit or mint spoiling it! Since graduating from university he’s done a bit of everything, from retail to customer service to teaching and coaching.

As an End-Point Assessment Coordinator, he’ll be the anchor for all the activities associated with designing, developing and delivering compliant, relevant assessments to all our apprenticeship learners!

Emile Pali – End-Point Assessment Health and Social Care Assessor

Emile joins TQUK with an already long and impressive career in assessing, internal quality assurance, e-learning and teaching in England. He’s been a lecturer, assessor, IQA, residential manager at a disability partnership and had loads of other roles. All his experience will help TQUK EPA deliver the best possible assessment service to our centres.

As End-Point Assessment Health and Social Care Assessor, Emile will be providing independent, fair, reliable and consistent assessment services to TQUK customers. He will use his robust and relevant industry knowledge to form judgements and grading decisions upon the completion of a variety of assessment activities.

Sarah Lyon – End-Point Assessment Officer

As an End-Point Assessment Officer, Sarah monitors and maintains the quality of our provision, and manages the activities of our contracted and subcontracted assessments arrangements.

Kelly Venter – Qualifications Manager

If Andy had not already co-opted the title of Queen Bee, it would no doubt go to Kelly. Kelly is the Hive’s voice of reason and often comes to someone’s rescue when, really, they should know better. She is integral to the Qualification development processes that keep the Hive running on a day to day basis. The Hive is still waiting on updates on whether or not Kelly is still pregnant.


Phillip Wall

Phillip Wall – Assessment Officer

Phil joins TQUK after several years as an English teacher, so we knew he’d be perfect as our Assessment Officer. Beware his red pen and his keen eye for spelling mistakes!

As Assessment Officer, Phillip manages, populates, updates and refines our question banks to provide the best possible assessment for our learners. He also supports the production of exam papers; liaises with subject experts; analyses item, paper and qualification performance; and handles assessment-related enquiries from our centres.

Charlotte Williams

Charlotte Williams – Exams Officer

Charlotte’s done a bit of everything, from retail to hospitality to office work. She’s sold bathroom fittings, managed a bar and worked for a PPI company as an administrator before moving her way up to Quality Assurance Officer. She’s now part of our Qualifications Team and Kelly is totally stoked to have her on board!

As Exams Officer, Charlotte ensures that we follow processes to develop and maintain compliant, relevant question banks and produce valid, fit for purpose exam papers. She also marks exams, issues results and undertakes remote invigilation as required.

Ash Smith – Client Relationship Team Leader

Ash is the office’s top honey maker and has a weekly office newsletter to prove it. He’s responsible for transmogrifying centre and client concerns into sweet, sweet customer satisfaction. He’s our front line guy and is in many cases the first experience clients have of the Hive’s world class customer service.

Ash also offers wisdom and support to centres that are looking to grow their business or just maintain their high delivery standards. He also has secondary duties as TQUK’s and the Hive’s Official Social Media Mascot. You can catch his beard doing regular appearances on Twitter or Instagram.

Sam Concannon – Client Relationship Officer

Sam is the latest honeybee in The Hive named Sam, after Sam Nightingale and Samuel Rossiter. (We very much expect to get four more Sams by the end of the year.) He’s had an impressive stint in the hospitality industry as a waiter for Manchester City and has officially become The Hive’s resident Muay Thai expert. He travels to Thailand on a regular basis to compete.

As Client Relationship Officer, Sam will play an integral role in maintaining and developing the TQUK business and its relationship with centres. He will act as one of the main points of contact for our centres, resolve all queries as needed and actively help centres with new opportunities.

Katherine Brown

Katherine Brown – Client Relationship Officer

Before joining TQUK, Katherine held various catering and admin roles at Tatton Park and Timberwise. She plays badminton competitively and harbours secret obsessions for crime documentaries and Harry Potter.

As Client Relationship Officer, Katherine plays an integral role in maintaining and developing the TQUK business and its relationship with centres. She acts as one of the main points of contact for our centres, resolving all queries as needed and actively helping centres with new opportunities.

Sam Nightingale – End-Point Assessment Coordinator

As an End-Point Assessment Coordinator, Sam is a vital part of our End-Point Assessment services. She’s responsible for designing, developing and delivering compliant, relevant assessment to all of our apprentices.

Sam used to be one of the head bees at The Manchester College. Her experience working in a college environment brings a fresh injection of perspective into our End-Point Assessment services. She’s been buzzing around learning environments for years and knows first hand how the Hive can capture their most valuable of nectars.

Sophie Al-Hakim – Quality Officer

Sophie is a quality honey-maker extraordinaire, acting as the main worker bee in Paul Morrison’s astute Quality Department. She’s survived this long, so we expect great things from her.

She inspects the nectar samples sent to us from our wonderful centres, reviewing it for quality and then offering advice on improvement, eventually helping some centres to rise to the status of Makers of Royal Jelly. She’s also The Hive’s guru on Internal Quality Assurance and advises centres on what to expect when the External Quality Assurance drones swarm in.

Matthew Whitton – Quality Coordinator

Before joining TQUK, Matthew worked as a teacher of English as a foreign language for general and academic purposes in a far-off meadow. He also managed assessment and certification for in-hive teacher training qualifications. His hobbies are reading, thinking about reading, writing, thinking about writing, watching films often deemed ‘arthouse’ and going to concerts.

Matt builds relationships with his quality counterparts at our recognised centres, our bank of EQAs and quality departments at other awarding organisations. He helps us constantly ensure that the regulatory burden we place on our stakeholders is kept to a minimum whilst maintaining the highest standards.

Joanne Emmerson – External Quality Assurance Coordinator

Joanne has worked in other hives that specialised in retail, hospitality and delivered maths and English. She comes to us after managing a division of specialist food and drink assessors at a training provider. In the last year, she’s been knee-deep in the new nectar of apprenticeship standards, funding changes and assessment activities, so she’s an amazing addition to The Hive!

Joanne is integral to upholding our high-quality assurance standards. She ensures that all EQA activities are carried out to a set standard, ensuring consistency and that all TQUK procedures are undertaken efficiently and effectively.

When’s she’s not maintaining TQUK’s sky-high quality standards, Joanne enjoys watching drag racing, caravanning and spoiling her granddaughter with honey-flavoured cake.

Blanca Martinez – Graphic Designer

We’re all familiar with the need for every Hive to have an interior decorator. While we’ve been making the new Hive a bit fancier with some posters, Blanca is one of the crack creative team with the aesthetic know-how to make all the Hive’s digital endeavours look sleek and beautiful. Blanca is so skilled at being one of our worker bees that she’s able to be part of our Hive even from Barcelona, Spain. Blanca says she needs to be in Barcelona because the soothing sound of waves lapping against the beach helps her creative process. Kyle almost believes her.

Blanca is in charge of creating a recognisable Hive identity synonymous with our values and flexible approach to apprenticeships.

Kit Jenkin – Content Officer

As a business, how the Hive communicates with the outside world is of vital importance. It’s often said that bees communicate through interpretive dance. Kit doesn’t know any interpretive dance, but he’s pretty OK at writing things, so that’s what we get him to do instead.

Kit produces both written and creative content for communication within and without the Hive. He’s also responsible for posting incisive and engaging content on our blog page, social media feeds and website in order to build Hive awareness across multiple platforms.

Samuel Rossiter – Digital Marketing Officer

Sam joins us from the far-off hive of Hong Kong, by way of Vancouver in Canada. He’s one of the best travelled bees in the hive and we’ve learned so much from him already!

Samuel helps create content and manage our social media accounts, measures our website traffic through online tools and creates strategies and content ideas to keep those visitors rolling in!

Thomas Concannon – Junior Graphic Designer

For a little while, Thomas was smashing it in a different section of The Hive, but decided to move over the Creative Team to put his graphic design skills to good use. He’s an aspiring film director and The Hive’s resident handball pro.

Thomas assists Blanca with the creation of all the resources that you can find on TQUK’s websites. His role is vital for maintaining our brand identity and the quality of our online resources and manuals.

Sven Wittevrongel – Operations Officer

Sven joins us from a far-off hive known as Belgium. He previously made honey in the IT sector, where he assembled desktops. He’s a Dungeons & Dragons aficionado and is always nose-deep in a sci-fi or fantasy novel.

As an Operations Officer, Sven is in charge of the everyday activities that keep TQUK running smoothly: resolving customer queries, dispatching certificates, conducting quality assurance checks and more. He also works across departments, supporting the work of others and promoting compliant and complimentary audit trails.

Nathan Carrington – Operations Officer

Nathan is TQUK’s resident philosopher, Peak walker, cartophile and secret palaeontologist.

As an Operations Officer, Nathan is in charge of the everyday activities that keep TQUK running smoothly: resolving customer queries, dispatching certificates, conducting quality assurance checks and more. He also works across departments, supporting the work of others and promoting compliant and complimentary audit trails.

Chris Clark – Operations Officer

After working in student support and studying for a Master’s in Fine Art at UCLAN, Chris moved to Italy where he lived for 5 years and worked for a UK walking holiday company north of Venice. Chris loves the mountains and developed numerous expensive hobbies in the Dolomites, such as ski touring and climbing.

As an Operations Officer, Chris is in charge of the everyday activities that keep TQUK running smoothly: resolving customer queries, dispatching certificates, conducting quality assurance checks and more. He also works across departments, supporting the work of others and promoting compliant and complimentary audit trails.


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