Welcome to the fifth edition of the EPA Product Newsletter. This week, our resources update covers a range of updates, including a new support video and a selection of support material revisions.  

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  • Apprentice Handbook 
  • Factsheet Update 
  • Flowcharts  
  • HR Support and HR Consultant Business Partner – Version Change 

Apprentice Handbook 

We’re pleased to announce that the Apprentice Handbook is now available to download from Verve EPA. This extensive new support material can be accessed by logging into Verve EPA and clicking on Support Materials -> View.  

The Apprentice Handbook provides a wealth of End-Point Assessment support to all Apprentices who will be assessed at Training Qualifications UK, regardless of the Apprenticeship Standard. There are several benefits the Apprentice Handbook brings:   

  • Information Hub – The handbook provides a single information hub to access relevant EPA support. The handbook allows the collation of a range of existing support materials currently on Verve EPA, while also adding further value through additional sections.  
  • Verve EPA Streamlining – Where existing support materials has been absorbed by the Apprentice Handbook (E.g Use of Notes Guidance), those resources will be subsequently retired from Verve EPA so that the information sits solely within the Apprentice Handbook. This will result in a more streamlined Support Material section, ensuring that all parties can quickly access the information they require.   
  • Apprentice Brief Streamlining – Future iterations of standard-specific Apprentice Briefs will have fewer EPA-generic elements as these will now be contained within the Apprentice Handbook. This allows the Apprentice Briefs to become more focused on the detail pertaining to a specific assessment element within the Apprenticeship Standard. We are looking forward to sharing the new Apprentice Briefs with you in due course as they are rolled out across each standard.  


Over on the TQUK EPA website, we have a new set of Apprenticeship Standard Factsheets. Updated with a fresh new look, the factsheets provide an overview of the apprenticeship, the Gateway requirements, a summary of each assessment method and the possible grades to be achieved. To find out more, visit our factsheets page! 


As we’ve been performing our regular review of the standard-specific support materials, we’ve been developing and uploading a flowchart for each standard. This new resource provides an overview of the End-Point Assessment Journey, from Gateway to Certification, outlining the key stages, relevant timeframes and important information. Over the last few weeks, we’ve now completed this flowchart development project for each Apprenticeship Standard that we are currently accepting registrations on. You can download the Flowchart from Verve EPA under the standard-specific support materials. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this as you download and utilise this new resource.  

HR Support and HR Consultant Partner – Version Change 

As outlined within our recent EPA Newsletter, both HR Support and HR Consultant Partner have undergone a Version change, supporting a more flexible approach to both standards’ End-Point Assessment. The support materials for both Apprenticeship Standards were updated from Version 3 to Version 4 to encompass these changes. A summary of change is available on Verve EPA.  

Please note – Apprentices who prepared for End-Point Assessment using the Version 3 materials will not be disadvantaged as Version 4’s changes only provide additional flexibility which will be outlined fully during the Assessment Planning Meeting with the End-Point Assessor. If you have any questions or queries regarding this change, please contact epasupport@tquk.org 

How TQUK Can Help You

The new apprenticeship standards are designed to improve upon what’s gone before and help with the apprentice’s initial journey into their chosen career, before you know it, they’ll be on the road to success.


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