Policy Ref GP12
Date of Issue 01/10/2020
Next Scheduled Review 01/08/2020
Policy Owner Quality and Compliance Manager
Contact Email quality@tquk.org
Contact Phone Number 03333583344
Approved by Executive Team
Policy Relates to: Corporate
Policy is for the use of: Training Providers, Recognised Centres, TQUK Employees, Third Parties, Learners, Apprentices
Should be read in conjunction with: Appeals Policy


This policy is provided for our Recognised Centres and Learners, who are delivering, enrolled on or have taken a Training Qualifications UK (TQUK) approved regulated qualification or unit, and the Training Providers and Apprentices who are registered with TQUK for End-Point Assessment.

It sets out our intention to deliver a service and range of qualifications that are fair, accessible and do not include any unnecessary barriers to entry.

TQUK Internal Responsibility

The Quality and Compliance Department is responsible for the maintenance and compliance of this policy. If the Quality and Compliance Manager is absent, the Responsible Officer will appoint another member of the Executive Team to ensure all of TQUK’s actions and activities are in line with the content of this policy.

Review Arrangements

We will review the policy annually as part of our self-evaluation process and revise it as and when necessary in response to feedback or requests. We may also update this policy as part of good practice guidance issued by the regulatory authorities (e.g. to align with any complaints processes established by the regulatory authorities such as Ofqual).

The annual review of this policy will be undertaken by the Quality and Compliance Department approximately four weeks prior to the submission of TQUK’s Statement of Compliance to regulators. Any amendments or updates to this policy will be approved by TQUK’s Executive Team.

If you have any points or feedback regarding this policy, please contact us via the details provided at the start of this policy.

Centre’s Responsibility

It is important that any of your employees involved in the delivery of our qualifications and that Learners and Apprentices registering for TQUK qualifications or End-Point Assessment, are fully aware of the contents of the policy (e.g. via their induction when first embarking on TQUK qualifications).

Areas covered by the policy

TQUK Staff

TQUK commits to incorporating specific and appropriate duties in respect of implementing the Equality and Diversity Policy into job descriptions and work objectives of all staff.

TQUK will provide equality and diversity training and guidance as appropriate to our employees. This training will be included as part of employee induction training, as well as further ongoing courses, as identified via our internal staff performance review arrangements. All TQUK full time, permanent staff members will undertake the Level 2 Award in Equality and Diversity (RQF) within six months of the commencement date of their employment with us.

Qualification Development

TQUK will ensure that there are no features present in any qualification we have developed that could disadvantage any groups of Learners that share a particular characteristic or barriers to entry, other than those directly related to the purpose of the units or qualifications. The nature of any such features or barriers will be stated and the inclusion of the requirements that create the barrier, justified in terms of why they are required for the particular unit or qualification.

The process of designing of assessments will include identifying and precluding any unjustifiable barriers in the assessment of qualifications and units that might prevent Learners who share particular protected characteristics from demonstrating their knowledge, understanding or skills. This includes Learners and Apprentices with
physical disabilities.

Recognised Centres / Training Providers

TQUK expects its partners to enable Learners and Apprentices to have equal access to training and assessment, irrespective of their sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, religion, race, nationality, ethnic origin or disability. Assessment must similarly be undertaken without discrimination. Recognised Centres are required to have in place a policy to ensure that such discrimination does not occur either directly, indirectly or as a result of pressure from other bodies. This policy should apply to all assessment sites and there should be arrangements in place to monitor
its application and effectiveness.

Where complaints relating to issues of inequality cannot be satisfactorily resolved by the Recognised Centre or Training Provider, Learners and Apprentices must be made aware of their right to appeal to TQUK via the arrangements outlined in our Appeals Policy.

Monitoring the success and relevance of our arrangements

TQUK is committed to complying with all current and relevant legislation. As part of the Learner/Apprentice registration and certification processes for qualifications, units and End-Point Assessment, TQUK may collect information on diversity, requests for special considerations, access arrangements and feedback from Learners, Apprentices, Recognised Centres, Training Providers and other stakeholders.

All relevant issues identified that suggest that TQUK provision or services may have unnecessarily impacted on Learners/Apprentices will be reported back to the Quality and Compliance Department. They are responsible for ensuring that a relevant staff member introduces, as appropriate, amendments to provision and/or services where necessary and in accordance with TQUK procedures for developing and reviewing units and qualifications.

Details of ongoing reviews will be made available to the qualification regulators upon request.

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