This document is provided for our centres and sets out where to find the fees we will charge for our various qualifications and services, as well as our invoicing arrangements.

Our aim is to have a pricing structure and associated invoice arrangements that are:

  • Fair and appropriate and provide value for money for centres.
  • Clear and transparent, with no hidden costs or details.
  • Appropriate to the level of qualification they are purchasing

An up to date price list is maintained on the TQUK website.

TQUK Internal Responsibility

The Operations Manager is responsible for the maintenance of and compliance with this policy.  If they are absent, the Managing Director would appoint another member of the SMT to ensure all TQUK actions and activities are in line with the content of this policy.

Review arrangements

We will review this document and its associated procedures annually as part of our self-evaluation arrangements and/or in response to customer, or regulatory feedback and any trends that may emerge in the types of queries we may have received.

The annual review of this policy will be undertaken by the Quality Assurance Department approximately four weeks prior to the submission of TQUK’s Statement of Compliance to Ofqual. Any amendments or updates to this policy will be approved by TQUK’s SMT.

If you would like to raise any points, or have a query in relation to any aspect of our fees or invoicing arrangements, please contact us via the details provided at the end of this document.

Regulated Qualification Fees

TQUK is committed to ensuring all our fee details are updated every time a new qualification is offered. TQUK produce a price list for all our qualifications that is available on request or via our website. Approved centres will be notified at the earliest opportunity if any of our fees are amended or changed to help with any planning arrangements.  These fees will be available to TQUK centres awaiting recognition and TQUK Recognised Centres upon request.

Details of the qualifications TQUK offer (e.g. the qualifications specifications) can be obtained from the website at along with centre guidance materials and full details of current pricing.

Details of additional service fees can be obtained from the fees page on the TQUK website

Invoicing Procedures

Qualification Licences

TQUK recognised centres must purchase qualification licences when registering candidates. It is the centre’s responsibility to ensure that number of licences available is equal to the number of learners on programme and added to the TQUK Management Suite. TQUK reserves the right to raise additional invoices where there is disparity between licences and learners. Learners will only be confirmed as registered upon receiving payment of registration fees (licences), or where there is a sufficient credit agreement in place directly with TQUK. TQUK reserves the right to remove the details of any learner with pending registration status from its systems

Qualification licences will be deducted at the point where learners are confirmed as passed by the centre. Licences are not associated with a specific learner and can be utilised for future learners.

Quality Assurance

Centres wishing to undertake centre recognition will be invoiced upon returning a centre recognition form to TQUK. Payment for centre recognition is due immediately and the documents will be reviewed upon confirmation of payment being received.

Centres who are unsuccessful in their application having paid their original centre recognition fee will be entitled to a 50% refund of the original amount at its request.

As part of its centre recognition, a centre will receive 15 qualifications for free, provided that a qualification approval form has been submitted prior to centre recognition being confirmed. If applying for qualifications after this date, centres will be subject to standard qualification approval procedures.

Centres wishing to undertake qualification approval will be invoiced upon returning a qualification approval form to TQUK. Payment for qualification approval is due immediately and work will begin upon confirmation of payment.

Centres subject to scheduled EQA activities and are ineligible for a free visit will be invoiced on confirmation of the EQA activity and will be due prior to the date of the arranged activity. The invoice will include the visit date and fee.

All other Quality Assurance activities will be subject to standard invoicing procedures.


All purchases or requests for Quality Assurance activities will be invoiced as appropriate. The invoice will be sent to the designated person/department nominated by the centre.

It is the responsibility of the centre to ensure that invoices meet its own needs in invoicing procedures and TQUK will not accept responsibility for incorrect address details or omitted purchase numbers.

Each invoice will contain details:

  • Of the product/service being provided
  • Of the registered address
  • Of the invoice date
  • The payment method and where required our bank account details
  • Of the VAT amount (unless you have informed us that you are VAT exempt OR are based outside of the U.K)
  • Of our payment terms


Upon receipt of the invoice, payment should be received by TQUK within 30 days of the invoice date or within alternative, previously agreed terms. On receiving payment, we will update our records to show full payment has been received and make goods or services available for processing.

Failure to pay invoices within 30 days of the invoice date will result in the account being placed “on stop”. Any new orders will require authorisation from the finance team at TQUK before a new invoice will be raised. In addition, TQUK reserves the right to withhold unrelated good and services including but not limited to candidate registrations, certificates, materials and Quality support activities.

If payment is not received within 60 days of the original invoice date, TQUK will begin its formal debt collection and recovery procedures which begins with a Letter Before Action from THE THOMAS HIGGINS PARTNERSHIP LLP. TQUK reserves the right to begin the process of removing centre recognition for centres in line with clause 17.1.1 of its centre agreement.

If you have any queries about any aspect of an invoice please contact us on the details below.


Unless specifically stated, as in the case of unsuccessful centre recognition, TQUK is unable to provide a refund for its products or services but may, at its discretion, be able to offer a product of similar type and value.


In accordance with HMRC guidelines TQUK will keep records of all invoices issued and received should a recognised centre or other relevant parties (such as the regulators) need to be provided with an auditable trail of transactions.

Contact us

If you have any queries about any aspect of our fees or invoice arrangements or the content of this policy, please contact us on 03333 583344, email or visit our website

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