Policy Ref GP6
Date of Issue 01/10/2020
Next Scheduled Review 01/08/2021
Policy Owner Senior Manager of Finance and Service
Contact Email finance@tquk.org
Contact Phone Number 03333583344
Approved by  Leadership Team
Policy Relates to: Awarding Provision, End-Point Assessment Provision, Endorsed Provision, Corporate
Policy is for the use of: Recognised Centres, Training Providers, Third Parties, TQUK Employees


This document is provided for our partners and sets out where to find the fees we will charge for our various services, as well as our invoicing arrangements.

The aim of this policy is to outline a pricing structure and associated invoice arrangements that are:

  • Fair and appropriate and provide value for money for all partners;
  • Clear and transparent, with no hidden costs or details;
  • Detail cancellation arrangements;
  • Appropriate to the level of Standard and assessment activity they are purchasing.

An up to date price list is maintained on the TQUK website.

An up to date price list is maintained on the TQUK website.

This document should be read in conjunction with any contractual Service Level Agreements in place with individual partners. When relating to End-Point Assessment Provision, this document should also be read in conjunction with the Education Skills Funding Agency’s ‘Conditions for organisations on the register of End Point Assessment Organisations’.

TQUK Internal Responsibility

The Senior Manager of Finance and Service is responsible for the maintenance of and compliance with this policy. If they are absent, the Responsible Officer will appoint another member of the Leadership Team to ensure all TQUK’s actions and activities are in line with the content of this policy.

Review arrangements

We will review this document and its associated procedures annually as part of our self-evaluation arrangements and/or in response to customer, or regulatory feedback and any trends that may emerge in the types of queries we may have received.

The annual review of this policy will be undertaken by the Finance and Service Department. Any amendments or updates to this policy will be approved by TQUK’s Leadership Team.

If you would like to raise any points, or have a query in relation to any aspect of our fees or invoicing arrangements, please contact us via the details provided at the start of this document.

Regulated Qualification Fees

TQUK is committed to ensuring all our fee details are updated every time a new qualification is offered. TQUK produce a price list for all our qualifications that is available on request or via our website. Approved centres will be notified at the earliest opportunity if any of our fees are amended or changed to help with any planning arrangements. These fees will be available to TQUK centres awaiting recognition and TQUK Recognised Centres upon request.

Details of the qualifications TQUK offer (e.g. the qualifications specifications) can be obtained from the TQUK website, along with centre guidance materials and full details of current pricing.

Details of additional service fees can be obtained from the fees page on the TQUK website.

Invoicing Procedures

Pricing and Fees

TQUK publishes a list of its qualification prices and fees on the TQUK website and End-Point Assessment fees on the TQUK EPA website. Additional EPA fees are included within the EPA Service Level Agreement.

Qualification Fees 

TQUK qualification fees are a combined fee for registration and certification. A registration fee is generated at the point of registering Learners against a qualification on the TQUK Verve Registration and Certification System.

Learners will not be considered registered until registration fees has been received in full, or there is a confirmed credit agreement in place.

By default, qualification invoices will be issued when either a registration fee has been generated. Alternatively, where a credit agreement is in place, invoices will be issued monthly, consolidating the activity of the previous month.

Quality Assurance

Centres wishing to undertake centre recognition will be invoiced upon returning a centre recognition form to TQUK. Payment for centre recognition is due immediately and the documents will be reviewed upon confirmation of payment being received.

Centres who are unsuccessful in their application having paid their original centre recognition fee will be entitled to a 50% refund of the original amount at its request.

As part of its centre recognition, a centre will receive 10 qualifications for free, provided that a qualification approval form has been submitted alongside a centre recognition form. If applying for qualifications after this date, centres will be subject to standard qualification approval procedures.

Centres wishing to undertake qualification approval will be invoiced upon returning a qualification approval form to TQUK. Payment for qualification approval is due immediately and work will begin upon confirmation of payment.

Centres subject to scheduled EQA activities and are ineligible for a free visit will be invoiced on confirmation of the EQA activity and will be due prior to the date of the arranged activity. The invoice will include the visit date and fee.

Cancellations made to scheduled EQA activities without 14 days’ notice will not be reimbursed.

All other Quality Assurance activities will be subject to standard invoicing procedures.


All purchases or requests for Quality Assurance activities will be invoiced as appropriate. The invoice will be sent to the designated person/department nominated by the centre.

It is the responsibility of the centre to ensure that invoices meet its own needs in invoicing procedures and TQUK will not accept responsibility for incorrect address details or omitted purchase numbers.

Each invoice will contain details:

  • Of the product/service being provided
  • Of the registered address
  • Of the invoice date
  • The payment method and where required our bank account details
  • Of the VAT amount (unless you have informed us that you are VAT exempt OR are based outside of the UK)
  • Of our payment terms


Upon receipt of the invoice, payment should be received by TQUK within 30 days of the invoice date or within alternative, previously agreed terms. On receiving payment, we will update our records to show full payment has been received and make goods or services available for processing.

Failure to pay invoices within 30 days of the invoice date may result in the account being suspended. Any new orders will require authorisation from the Finance and Service Department at TQUK before a new invoice will be raised. In addition, TQUK reserves the right to withhold unrelated good and services including but not limited to candidate registrations, certificates, materials and Quality support activities.

If payment is not received within 60 days of the original invoice date, TQUK may begin its formal debt collection and recovery procedures which begins with a Letter Before Action from THE THOMAS HIGGINS PARTNERSHIP LLP. TQUK reserves the right to begin the process of removing centre recognition for centres in line with clause 17.1.1 of its centre agreement.

If you have any queries about any aspect of an invoice please contact us on the details below.


Unless specifically stated, as in the case of unsuccessful centre recognition, TQUK is unable to provide a refund for its products or services but may, at its discretion, be able to offer a product of similar type and value.


In accordance with HMRC guidelines TQUK will keep records of all invoices issued and received should a recognised centre or other relevant parties (such as the regulators) need to be provided with an auditable trail of transactions.

End-Point Assessment Fees

TQUK is committed to have a competitive fee structure in place for all End-Point Assessment (EPA) Services it provides. We aim to ensure that all our fee details are updated each time an additional Standard is added to our approved list for delivery of EPA.

TQUK produce a price list for all our End-Point Assessment Services that is available on request or via our website. Our fees and fee-setting methodology may change in line with any Government or legislative policy changes or in conjunction with an Assessment plan change. Partners will be notified at the earliest opportunity if any of our fees are amended or changed to help with any planning arrangements, and any such fee changes will be reviewed thereafter as part of annual contract arrangements.

Details of the End-Point Assessment services TQUK offer can be obtained from the TQUK EPA website.

All fees for the service of End-Point Assessment are payable by the Employer, individual Apprentices will not be charged to undertake this assessment. Invoices for these fees will be sent directly to the Training Provider.

Our pricing structure is in line and compliant with the expectation that EPA should not usually exceed 20% of the maximum funding band allocated to any standard. Our advertised fees are developed with the consideration of the following:

  • Individual assessment components detailed within the published Assessment plan;
  • All associated costs linked to Registration, Administration and Assessment of all assessment components – inclusive of retakes or re–sits;
  • Design, Development and Implementation of all assessment instruments inclusive of review and maintenance;
  • Support, Guidance and Mock Assessment materials and wider support offer;
  • Costs associated to support any special arrangements required to be put in place to ensure fair assessment practice;
  • To ensure a robust and consistent Internal Quality Assurances process inclusive of standardisation;
  • Associated costs for External Quality Assurance (EQA) body.

Our fees do not include costs associated with:

  • Recruitment, onboarding and general training of EPA Assessors;
  • Marketing materials or promotional items;
  • Other products or services that are not related to the delivery of EPA.

Our fees do not include costs associated with:

  • Recruitment, onboarding and general training of EPA Assessors;
  • Marketing materials or promotional items;
  • Other products or services that are not related to the delivery of EPA

Withdrawals and Transfers

TQUK charge 25% of the total cost for our End-Point Assessment service for each standard upon registration. This fee is a deposit payment which triggers the release of all associated support and mock assessment materials along with our wider support and advice offer.

Should for any reason an Apprentice not progress to Gateway and undertake EPA this paid deposit is eligible to be transferred to another registering Apprentice on the same standard.

Should an Apprentice withdraw having progressed through Gateway to undertake one or more but not all outlined assessment activities, then a refund will be provided proportionate of assessments not undertaken.

To withdraw Apprentices, partners have access to our EPA Management System Verve EPA where this can be acknowledged. Alternatively this can be processed by TQUK by partners contacting their named Client Relationship Officer.

TQUK is able to accept and process transfers should a partner wish to transfer from another registered EPAO. Transferred Apprentices must complete all End-Point Assessment components with TQUK, regardless of whether any have previously been undertaken with another registered EPAO. In all such instances the full cost of the EPA service will be charged.

Surplus Fees

As an innovative and forward thinking EPAO, TQUK embraces the use of technology, and as such where assessments plans outline the permitted or encouraged use of remote assessment practice we opt to use this as a primary method. As such our fees are based on this.

However we value the need to work individually with partners to find the right approach to assessments for each individual Apprentice and therefore have an alternative assessment approach-typically a face to face assessment offer. Where this is preferred/required a surplus fee will be applied to support additional assessor costs. All such details are discussed, agreed and outlined in individual Service Level Agreements (SLA) with all partners.

Retake and Resit Fees

TQUK defines these two terms as a re-take involving the need for further learning before an assessment is taken, while a re-sit does not.

Individual Assessment plans will provide detail related to any conditions associated with re-sit and or retake opportunities.

TQUK’s pricing structure supports individual assessment components to be undertaken at a fee set proportionate to the completion of that particular assessment. All such fees are discussed, agreed and outlined in individual Service Level Agreements with all partners.


An assessment planning meeting takes place once an Apprentice has successfully progressed through Gateway. An assessment schedule is put in place, taking in to account any assessment dependencies, which may only permit tentative assessment dates.

Once an assessment date is confirmed cancellation fees will be incurred where insufficient notice is given to cancel or reschedule an assessment. Assessments cancelled or rescheduled with less than 10 working days’ notice are charged at the full rate of the individual assessment component. All such fees are discussed, agreed and outlined in individual Service Level Agreements with all partners.

Assessments cancelled or rescheduled with more than 10 working days’ notice do not incur a fee.

The term cancelation is extended to include where assessments are scheduled to take place but do not proceed due to non-attendance by the Apprentice.

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