The Institute for Apprenticeships has signed off another 17 apprenticeship standards after they were put through a funding review, with four standards which TQUK are approved to deliver End-Point Assessment for changing.

A total of 30 standards have been under review with the first 10 standards being evaluated and approved in May this year. That batch included Adult Care Worker, Lead Adult Worker and Healthcare Support Worker, all of which TQUK can provide End-Point Assessment for and none of which changed their funding band.

The same can’t be said of the latest review with four of TQUK’s approved standards changing bands from September 30th 2019.

  • Hospitality Supervisor – Current band 8 (£5,000) will be changing to band 6 (£4,000)
  • Senior Production Chef – Current band 8 (£5,000) will be changing to band 6 (£4,000)
  • Retail Team Leader – Current band 8 (£5,000) will be changing to band 6 (£4,000)
  • Retail Manager – Current band 9 (£6,000) will be changing to band 8 (£5,000)

Meanwhile, the Chef De Partie Apprenticeship Standard has been confirmed as not changing bands, as has the IT Technical Sales Person which remains in band 15 (£12,000).

You can find the full list of reviewed standards below and the attached implementation dates for the band changes.

Further to the above, TQUK is delighted to confirm that in spite of the funding band changes which have affected the above four apprenticeships standards, our pricing and fees structure will remain the same moving forward.

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