Sometimes, it can be tempting, when delivering an apprenticeship, to leave everything involving End-Point Assessment (EPA) until later.

After all, it’s in the name: End-Point Assessment. Everything involved should happen at the end, right?

Well…not exactly.

Think of it like buying a house: it’s important to do your research to make sure you’re you’ve got everything you need before the big day happens and you finally move in.

It’s the same with EPA.

The more you prepare for it ahead of time, the more rewards you’ll reap by the end of the process.

Need some incentives to give you that extra push?

Here are all the benefits of early engagement with your End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO).

Tailored Support

early engagement end-point assessmentFor some apprenticeships, EPA can inform the work and training required from the very beginning.

It’s important to get ahead of the game. That’s why we have a dedicated team who are here to walk you through your apprenticeship to make sure you have everything in place when EPA rolls around.

We also have a range of resources you can access to help you and your Apprentice as they work through their programme, including learner support packs, factsheets and more.

EPA Coordination

EPA requires the participation of several parties: the Apprentice, Employer, Trainer and the End-Point Assessor. It can be tough to get two or more of these people in the same room at the same time.

After all, schedules can conflict, people are busy and coordination can be a particular challenge.

Through early engagement with your EPAO, there is more time to get ahead of any potential schedule conflicts that may arise and arrange the necessary adjustments.

Guidance on How to Prepare for EPA

You may understand what assessment components are included in your Apprentice’s EPA and what they will be tested on. But that’s not all it takes to succeed in an assessment.

Each assessment is different, and each activity will have a different format and structure that can make preparing for it very specific.

Your EPAO should be able to provide you with guidance on how best to prepare for individual assessment methods.

For instance, check out our detailed profile of the EPA for Healthcare Assistant Practitioner. There are loads of little tips and tricks for each assessment activity that make your Apprentice’s chance of success even greater.

It’s also important for your Apprentice to be in the optimal mindset to take on their assessment. Check out these great tips to get your Apprentice in the best possible EPA mindset.

Mock Assessments

One of the little things that increase the chance of success for your Apprentice during their EPA is doing a mock assessment.

Mock assessments are basically simulations of real assessments. They are done in order to prepare the Apprentice for the real deal.

Think about it: an Apprentice is going to have a larger chance of success if they know the format, the type of questions they’ll be asked and how they’ll be judged.

Your EPAO, with some early engagement, should be able to provide some guidance on mock assessments for your Apprentice.

(If you’re doing EPA with TQUK, mock assessments can be taken at any time during the apprenticeship. You can also do as many as you think your Apprentice needs.)

On-Programme Assessor Standardisation Training

As assessment experts, we know how important it is to standardise our assessment practice. Training Providers and/or Employer-Providers will have on-programme assessors (sometimes acting also as the Trainer) to track the Apprentice’s progress through the delivery of the apprenticeship’s associated qualifications.

All on-programme assessment should ideally be informed by the End-Point Assessment and should have a consistent approach to assessment and advice given to Apprentices.

TQUK provides on-programme standardisation training for all our Training Providers. Get in touch with your EPAO to see if they do the same.

Higher Pass Rates

this is what early engagement with your end-point assessment organisation can get youWe saved the most delicious reason for last.

In our experience as an EPAO so far, Employers and Training Providers that engage with us early on in the apprenticeship process have Apprentices that are much more prepared for their EPA, which gives them much higher pass rates.

Different organisations we’ve worked with, including PGL and Creative Support, are always on the ball and have had high Pass, Merit and Distinction rates for their apprentices as a result.

With the right preparation and early engagement, there’s nothing that will stop your Apprentice from knocking their EPA out of the park!


Did we convince you? We hope so.

Need extra convincing? Call 03333 583 344 to talk to our dedicated team so we can help you with all the preparation and guidance that you need.

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See you out there!

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