Operations/Departmental Manager

An Operations Departmental Manager takes the reins of people and projects and is continually intent on achieving a company’s short and long-term goals. They report to senior management or the business owner, to keep them continuously informed about the overall operations and state of the business.

The knowledge, skills and behaviours the apprentice will learn in this Operations Departmental Manager apprenticeship will give them the ability to work in any industry in the private, public and third sectors. They’ll be developing operational plans, overseeing projects, managing and leading teams, overseeing the financial health of the company, recognising and nurturing talent and coaching and mentoring. Job titles for successful apprentices include Operations Manager, Regional Manager, Divisional Manager, Department Manager and specialist managers.

End-Point Assessment Components

  • Knowledge Test
  • Competency-Based Interview
  • Assessment Portfolio
  • Presentation and Q&A Session
  • Professional Discussion

Knowledge Test

This portion of the End-Point Assessment is designed to test the apprentice’s knowledge of what they’ve learned throughout the apprenticeship. A series of different scenarios and situations will be used that will require responses demonstrating your knowledge of the particular topic. The test may be delivered online or may be paper-based and will likely be multiple choice. The Apprentice Assessment Organisation will set out the test specification including the number of questions to be included, time allowed and conditions for invigilation to ensure consistency and quality. The level of difficulty is what would be expected of an apprentice to achieve taking a Level 5 Diploma or equivalent.

Competency-Based Interview

The knowledge requirements within the Standard will be tested using a structured series of questions to assess the apprentice’s knowledge to ensure all aspects are given coverage. The interview can be conducted using a range of media (telephone interview, live media, online or written), whichever is the most appropriate for the apprentice.

Assessment Portfolio

The Assessment Portfolio is one that represents the skills, knowledge and behaviours outlined in the Standard. The portfolio, or work based project, provides a substantive evidence base from a business related project to demonstrate the application of skills and knowledge. The project will take place towards the end of the apprenticeship – likely to be during the 6 months. Each project must demonstrate the application of knowledge and skills to meet the outcomes in the standard, the approach to planning and completion of the project and the application of behaviours from the standard.

Presentation and Q&A Session

The primary focus of the presentation will be on the work undertaken during the project, however during the question and answer session the panel will be able to explore the apprentices’ broader experiences to demonstrate that the knowledge and skills defined in the standard have been met.

Professional Discussion

The Independent Assessor will undertake a professional discussion with the apprentice to identify the objective of the activity, and reflect on the outcome and how learning gained was applied.

More Information

If you would like to learn more about the Operations Departmental Manager apprenticeship standard, check out our factsheets page or alternatively you can find more information via the Institute for Apprenticeships website.

Operations Departmental Manager Apprenticeship Standard

Duration: 2.5 years
Level: 5
Funding Band: 10 (£7,000)


  • Payable at registration: £238 (25%)*
  • Payable at Gateway: £712 (75%)**

(+£100 surplus if Face to Face Competency Interview)

(+£100 surplus if Face to Face Professional Discussion)

  • TQUK Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership (RQF) (Recommended but not required)
Functional Skills:
  • Level 2 Award in Functional Skills English
  • Level 2 Award in Functional Skills Mathematics
Payment Terms: Training Qualifications UK will invoice for payment at the registration phase (25%) and upon the gateway process (75%). Payment terms 30 days.
LARS Number: 104
Standard Number: ST0385
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*25% registration fee is transferrable to a new registration should an Apprentice withdraw from the apprenticeship. Upon receipt Apprentices, Employers and Training Providers will gain access to the TQUK EPA management suite.

**75% fee paid at gateway in non-refundable as we anticipate that once the apprentice has passed through gateway they will be ready to undertake the end-point assessment elements. If the 75% payable upon gateway is not paid within 30 days of invoice we, as the EPAO, will put a hold on any end-point assessment activities being undertaken and any certification processes.

Training Qualifications UK offers one free re-sit per multiple-choice test where included within a standard. Element assessments re-sits will be charged per assessment and standard

How TQUK Can Help You

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