8 Amazing UK Chefs that Started Out as Apprentices

One of the most interesting things about the culinary world is that so many chefs begin their career with an apprenticeship, a much larger proportion than other sectors. During culinary apprenticeships, young chefs study under the supervision of a master chef in order to soak up all their knowledge. Many apprentice chefs also travel within […]

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EPA Busters: Who You Gonna Call?

Do you know who to call? EPA can be a spooky business. There are so many rules, regulations and people involved that it can feel like a paranormal world. One look at an assessment plan and you might think, “No human being would create a document like this.” But it’s easy to make EPA work […]

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3 Perks of Being an EPA Assessor

As an End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO), TQUK is always on the lookout for quality people to join our End-Point Assessment (EPA) team. Within that team, EPA Assessors are the worker bees in The Hive. They’re the people who deliver the amazing service we offer. EPA Assessors verify an apprentice’s occupational competence during their End-Point Assessment and […]

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Statutory Reviews: A Chance to Get Things Right

The Institute for Apprenticeships’ (IfA) decision to begin statutory reviews of digital apprenticeship standards is a very welcome move. TQUK believes it should be the first step in a larger push to review all standards and assessment plans, and soon. Sir Gerry Berragan, chief executive at the IfA, said that the statutory reviews will ensure that […]

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The Healthcare Skills Shortage and How Apprenticeships Can Help

We know the benefits that apprenticeships can bring to apprentices and businesses alike. They’re one of the best ways to train individuals in their job role and teach them skills that have practical and real-world applications that help both their business and the UK economy grow. What’s the Healthcare Situation? Although multiple sectors across the […]

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A Sneak Peek: 5 New Standards on the Horizon

Our EPA team is constantly working hard to add to the list of apprenticeship standards we deliver End-Point Assessment for. As a result, we’re in the works to deliver EPA for five more standards in the very near future! Here’s a sneak peek of all the standards to come: Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistants can work […]

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What Makes a Great Manager?

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” – Peter Drucker Managers are an integral part of every business. Although their day-to-day duties differ, managers must oversee their employees, manage their budget and departmental goals and carry out all their duties in accordance with their company’s vision. A great manager juggles all […]

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5 Awesome Reasons to Become an Apprentice

If you’re interested in enrolling in an apprenticeship, then you’ve come to the perfect place. To give you that final push towards applying for an opening, here are five awesome reasons to become an apprentice! 1. Earn While You Learn The cost of post-16 education can be a massive stumbling block for many people. English […]

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5 Great Reasons To Hire An Apprentice

Hiring an apprentice brings a large range of benefits to your business while helping out the hundreds of thousands of people around the UK who are looking for work. Apprenticeships are designed to train individuals with little or no experience in a role into workers who have all the skills needed to excel in their […]

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TQUK First to Pass Apprentice on Lead Adult Care Worker Standard

TQUK EPA was the first End-Point Assessment Organisation to pass apprentices on three new standards, including the Adult Care Worker, Commis Chef and Hospitality Team Member standards. Now, we’ve done it a fourth time. In partnership with Creative Support, TQUK EPA is proud to announce that we’ve passed the first apprentice on the Lead Adult […]

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TQUK Has Been Approved To Deliver Six More EPA Standards

We have some exciting news today! TQUK EPA has been approved to deliver end-point assessment (EPA) for six more apprenticeship standards! We look forward to working with our training providers to assess the next generation of professionals in retail, hospitality and catering. Find details on our new standards below: Retailer Retailers can work in a […]

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Top 5 Celebrities Who Started Out As Apprentices

With the 2018 GCSE and A Level results released, young people around the UK are planning their futures and deciding what path to take. For those still deciding, training as an apprentice is the perfect way to earn while you learn and gain the necessary skills needed to succeed in your chosen career path. To […]

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How TQUK Can Help You

The new apprenticeship standards are designed to improve upon what’s gone before and help with the apprentice’s initial journey into their chosen career, before you know it, they’ll be on the road to success.


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