When working with Training Qualifications UK End-Point Assessment you’ll get to see first-hand our unparalleled customer service, speed of turnaround and service versatility.

We were the first End-Point Assessment Organisation to pass Apprentices via the Hospitality Team Member, Commis Chef, Adult Care Worker and Lead Adult Care Worker Apprenticeship Standards and we’ve tailored and evolved our End-Point Assessment offer based on our experiences so far. EPA with TQUK is everything you want it to bee.

Price Flexibility

Before the apprenticeship begins, the Employer will negotiate fees with the Training Provider and find the best payment model to suit from an End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO). TQUK’s fees for End-Point Assessment are fully transparent and available in black and orange here on our website. By choosing Training Qualifications UK, Employers will have:

  • A flexible payment structure, where 25% of the total cost is paid at registration, then the remaining 75% upon passing Gateway;
  • The ability to use withdrawn apprenticeship registration fees towards your next cohort;
  • No annual membership;
  • No minimum apprenticeship registrations required;
  • No extra fees when adding additional standards
  • No hidden fees for EQA
  • One free re-sit per multiple-choice test (where included within a standard)
  • Component assessment re-sits charged on an assessment and standard basis

Unlimited Qualifications

Some apprenticeships require the Apprentice to achieve a qualification to verify the learning they receive during the apprenticeship. As an Awarding Organisation, Training Qualifications UK can supply qualifications applicable to your apprenticeship, offering a one-stop-shop for End-Point Assessment and mandatory qualifications.

Unparalleled Service

Employers and Training Providers will have their own Client Relationship Officer. They will coordinate all End-Point Assessment activities and act as the main point of contact. You will also be put in touch with one of our Business Development Managers to provide ongoing support. This personal touch will mean you will have support from someone with close knowledge of your apprenticeship programme.

Centres for testing

Whilst some EPA assessments are required to be completed at a specific location, such as Practical Observations are to be undertaken at an Apprentice’s place of work. Others such as Professional Discussions and Situational Judgement tests can be undertaken in an approved location.

Training Qualifications UK has a number of approved test centres all over the UK that you will be able to book through our EPA software system. TQUK can also verify whether the Employer or Training Provider premises are suitable for testing.

Pro forma documents for all assessment elements, like Practical Observations and Professional Discussion, can be provided as mocks so that the Apprentice can prepare properly for EPA.

Concrete Support

Support packages tailored by Training Qualifications UK for each apprenticeship can be provided to the Apprentice, Employer and Training Provider. Every Apprentice will receive their own package that will guide them through the EPA process. They’ll include

  • Roadmaps of the planned apprenticeship journey;
  • Checklists and sign-off sheets for required documentation;
  • In-depth explanations of every stage of EPA and what is required of the apprentice;
  • Self-assessment exercises;

Employers receive their own support package mapping out the EPA journey, offering an overview of each assessment element and your role in supporting the apprentice.

Training providers will also receive their own support packages informing them on working with TQUK and the benefits.

Certificates, Now!

Upon completion of End-Point Assessment, Training Qualifications UK will submit relevant Apprentice information to the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) for certificates to be generated and despatched. They will be sent to the Employer by recorded delivery from the ESFA, this process can take up to 20 days. Training Qualifications UK can supply component-specific certificates upon request, stating the grade received for that part of End-Point Assessment.

Once the Apprentice has successfully completed their apprenticeship, Training Qualifications UK will deliver any regulated qualification certificates within 48 hours.


How TQUK Can Help You

The new apprenticeship standards are designed to improve upon what’s gone before and help with the apprentice’s initial journey into their chosen career, before you know it, they’ll be on the road to success.


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