Continuous Professional Development (End-Point Assessment)
Policy Ref EPA.P.4 v21.2
Date of Issue 01/11/2021
Next Scheduled Review 01/08/2022
Policy Owner End-Point Assessment Delivery Manager
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Contact Phone Number 03333583344
Approved By Leadership Team
Policy Relates to: End-Point Assessment Provision
Policy is for the use of: TQUK Employees, Third-Parties
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Relevant GCoR


This policy covers the commitment of all colleagues involved directly in the assessment of Apprentices, the Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) of End-Point Assessments and the support of assessors involved in those activities to continually update their knowledge and skills in order to remain occupationally competent in their sector.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) describes the learning activities an individual undertakes in order to maintain their own professional expertise. Training Qualifications UK (TQUK) is committed to supporting the active engagement with CPD and this policy describes those commitments.

Training Qualifications UK Internal Responsibility

The End-Point Assessment Department is responsible for the maintenance and compliance of this policy.  If the End-Point Assessment Delivery Manager is absent, the Responsible Officer will appoint another member of the Leadership Team to ensure all of Training Qualifications UK’s actions and activities are in line with the content of this policy.

Review arrangements

We will review the policy annually as part of our self-evaluation process and revise it as and when necessary in response to feedback or requests. We may also update this policy as part of good practice guidance issued by the regulatory authorities (e.g. to align with any withdrawal processes established by the regulatory authorities such as Ofqual).

The annual review of this policy will be undertaken by the End-Point Assessment Department approximately four weeks prior to the submission of Training Qualifications UK’s Statement of Compliance to Ofqual. Any amendments or updates to this policy will be approved by Training Qualifications UK’s Leadership Team.

If you have any points or feedback regarding this policy, please contact us via the details provided at the start of this policy.


Undertaking and documenting CPD is the responsibility of all colleagues involved directly in the below activities:

  • The assessment of Apprentices undertaking End-Point Assessment where Training Qualifications UK is the End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO)
  • The Internal Quality Assurance of End-Point Assessments delivered by Training Qualifications UK
  • Acting as a Subject Expert or Subject Specialist for Apprenticeship Standards.

Training Qualifications UK is responsible for supporting the development and learning of the people working for it, but professionals need to actively pursue learning opportunities which align with the objectives of our organisation, our clients, professional obligations as well as personal learning styles and life circumstances.

All vocational and industry professionals should take ownership of their development action plan, suited to their career stage and their overall responsibilities.

What is expected

We expect all our staff involved in the assessment and/or IQA of End-Point Assessments and/or acting as Subject Experts or Specialists to:

  • engage in a range of CPD activities equating to at least 30 hours annually
  • Record and log all CPD activities for quality assurance purposes
  • understand the range of avenues and opportunities which constitute CPD, embracing both technical and non-technical CPD
  • review their CPD needs on an ongoing basis to ensure that they continue to reflect the requirements of the Apprenticeship Standards with which they are involved
  • be reflective practitioners, taking the time to think about and learn from experiences
  • be open to sharing opportunities and expertise with others involved in the assessment and/or IQA of End-Point Assessments.

What you can expect

A workplace wholly committed to learning, development and continuous improvement with:

  • regular and ongoing performance feedback
  • clarity communicating the requirements of Apprenticeship Standards and updating individuals when those requirements change
  • Ongoing support of a subject expert for advice, guidance and mentoring.

Appropriate CPD Activities

For the purpose of this policy, the term ‘appropriate’ relates to the suitability of individual training and development activities in relation to the role undertaken by the individual.

It is the responsibility of the individual to review their CPD needs, identify appropriate training and development and appropriately undertake activities to support their up-skilling and knowledge development.

As a minimum, colleagues are expected to undertake:

  • Occupational updating, such as occupational refreshing/job shadowing/rotation/secondments, to a minimum of 2 days in each 12 monthly period
  • Two further CPD activities
  • Complete a minimum of 30 hours CPD for the year (not inclusive of the 2 days back to floor working/shadowing).

Other CPD activities may take many differing forms, including but not limited to:

  • attendance of workshops or seminars;
  • attending conferences and networking events;
  • completion of formal regulated qualifications;
  • completion of non-regulated training courses;
  • research and review of blogs/journals/wider reading materials;
  • attendance to in-house training – mandatory and non-mandatory;
  • peer reviews/standardisation activities;
  • engagement in professional discussions/forums;
  • engagement in wider industry activities e.g. being part of a committee or forum;
  • professional/reflective journals.

Colleagues should, where unsure of an activity’s suitability, discuss options for occupational updating with a relevant Subject Expert to verify its suitability and ensure it sufficiently meets requirements of the individual Apprenticeship Standards where they are involved in delivery.

Recording and Monitoring CPD

All colleagues involved in the assessment and/or IQA of End-Point Assessments are responsible for recording all CPD activities undertaken. For this purpose, the TQUK CPD Record Form is available and can be obtained from a member of the End-Point Assessment Department. Given the nature of employment relationships Training Qualifications UK is happy to accept alternative recording tools.

Training Qualifications UK will regularly monitor the completion of CPD logs in order to ensure this commitment is maintained. Where records are not maintained or reflect the failure to comply with the participation with appropriate CPD activities, disciplinary action may be taken, including the discontinuation of employment or the termination of a third-party contract.

How TQUK Can Help You

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