Policy Ref EP2
Date of Issue 01/10/2020
Next Scheduled Review 01/08/2021
Policy Owner End-Point Assessment Operations Manager
Contact Email epa@tquk.org
Contact Phone Number 03333583344
Approved by Leadership Team
Policy Relates to: End-Point Assessment Provision
Policy is for the use of: Training Providers, Apprentices, TQUK Employees, Third Parties
Should be read in conjunction with: Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations Policy, Malpractice and Maladministration Policy, Assessment and Internal Quality Assurance (EPA) Policy, Appeals Policy


This policy is provided for Apprentices and Training Providers involved in Apprenticeship standards for which Training Qualifications UK (TQUK) is the End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO). It aims to support those involved with examinations or Apprenticeship end-point assessment activities (EPA) through defining processes and responsibilities of all parties.

This policy has a focus on supporting Apprentice success through clear alignment to all required external and regulatory requirements whilst ensuring all individual Apprentices needs are met. It is also for use by TQUK staff to ensure they adopt practice in relation to exams in a consistent manner.

TQUK aims to provide a first class assessment service to all Apprentices which includes the provision of timely and relevant application and administration of all exams. All planned exams will be in line with the individual Apprenticeship standards and offer clear guidance to all users.

TQUK Internal Responsibility

The End-Point Assessment Department is responsible for the maintenance and compliance of this policy. If the End-Point Assessment Operations Manager is absent the Managing Director will appoint another member of the Leadership Team to ensure all TQUK actions and activities are in line with the content of this policy.

Review Arrangements

We will review the policy annually as part of our self-evaluation process and revise it as and when necessary in response to Training Provider and Apprentice feedback or requests from external quality assurers. We may also update this policy as part of good practice guidance issued by the regulatory authorities.

The annual review of this policy will be undertaken by the End-Point Assessment Department approximately four weeks prior to the submission of TQUK’s Statement of Compliance to Ofqual. Any amendments or updates to this policy will be approved by TQUK’s Leadership Team.

If you have any points or feedback regarding this policy, please contact us via the details provided at the start of this policy.

Training Provider Responsibility

It is important that Training Provider staff involved in the management, delivery and quality assurance of Apprenticeships for which TQUK acts as the EPAO, and Apprentices, are aware of the contents of the policy.

In addition, you must have internal assessment arrangements which support Apprentices in the completion of any formal qualifications they undertake as part of their Apprenticeship programme.

Exam Responsibilities

Leadership Team

  • Take responsibility for the maintenance of this and all associated policies;
  • Respond to monthly reports relating to volume of exams and pass rates to implement support, resource, improvements as necessary to ensure at least a good service is provided;
  • Take overall responsibility for contingency planning in relation to EPA exams.

End-Point Assessment Operations Manager

  • Take responsibility for keeping up to date with all external and regulatory requirements and report to the Leadership Team;
  • Be the named person for liaising with the external quality assurer to arrange sampling;
  • Administer data returns to EQA providers.

End-Point Assessment Assessor Manager

  • Take responsibility for the training of all new assessors.

End-Point Assessor Coordinators

  • Take responsibility for ensuring a suitably qualified and competent assessor is
    allocated for every exam, where appropriate;
  • Manage the deployment of assessors to monitor caseload and ensure no
    clashes occur.

End-Point Assessment Officers

  • Take responsibility for overseeing the Verve EPA system used for booking all exams;
  • Audit exam dates to ensure they are being booked in a timely manner to support Apprentice completion and in line with standards regulations;
  • Manage the re-sit process to ensure timely completion and in line with standard regulations;
  • Administer the re-sit process of all exams to ensure timely completion and in line with standard regulations;
  • Process certification claims to the ESFA.

Recruitment Coordinator

  • Take responsibility for the recruitment of appropriate assessors inclusive of DBS checks.

Quality and Compliance Department

  • Audit exam practice to ensure it complies with current JCQ practices;
  • Approve and administer all reasonable adjustments and special considerations;
  • Oversee the internal quality assurance process linked to exam practice;
  • Take responsibility for investigation all appeals, academic appeals and reports of malpractice.

Qualifications and Assessment Department

  • Ensure clear procedures relating to different exams are available and shared to Training Providers, Apprentices, assessors and Employers;
  • Take responsibility for the audit of remote invigilation practice;
  • Take responsibility for the receipt and safe storage of all completed exam papers;
  • Manage the booking request for all on screen and paper based exams;
  • Ensure exams are being booked in a timely manner to support Apprentice completion and in line with standards regulations;
  • Report to the Leadership Team monthly volume of exams and pass rates;
  • Oversee the dissemination of exam grades and feedback to Apprentices;
  • Conduct remote invigilation when required.


  • Take responsibility for the collection of any exam papers/materials as required to transfer them to the assessment site;
  • Conduct duties as outlined in job role to accurately observe and record all exams to verify no breach in rules or regulations;
  • Where required complete a seating plan to accurately identify Apprentices.
  • Verify all Apprentices identity prior to the start of the exam;
  • Return all completed exam logs, reports, papers or material to the Qualifications and Assessment Department.

Training Providers

  • Take responsibility for submitting requests for any required reasonable adjustments or special considerations;
  • Take responsibility for preparing the Apprentice for all exams, inclusive of theory and knowledge and exam practice via simulated and mock exams.


  • Understand the exam arrangements associated with their Apprenticeship standard;
  • Ensure they have a full understanding of exam rules and requirements so that they complete all exams without breach
  • Sign declarations, as necessary, to verify the work is their own.

Exam Series

EPA assessments are managed on a rolling basis to support the needs of each individual Apprentice, and therefore take place throughout the year. Exams are conducted within the guidelines and requirements outlined in the Apprenticeship assessment plans and take various forms which require different levels of supervision, invigilation and assessment.

Exams are driven by the Employer and Apprentices, and commence only once a Gateway meeting has taken place whereby the Apprentice, Employer and Training Provider all agree the Apprentice is ready to undertake EPA. Exams from this point will be scheduled to fit around the individual needs of the Apprentice and the working operations of the Employer. Apprenticeship standards determine the time frame for which all associated exams need to be completed within, to which TQUK will manage to ensure it is compliant.

Exam Booking Arrangements

It should be agreed prior to the commencement of EPA the order that exam components will be completed. Typically the Situational Judgement/Multiple Choice Question Test (MCQ) will be conducted first prior to any other assessments.

Registration onto the Individualised Learner Record

As the EPAO, TQUK takes no responsibility for the registration of Apprentices on to the Individualised Learner Record (ILR), all such registrations should be completed by the Training Provider. Evidence of registration will be requested.

Re-sit and Retake

Re-sit decisions for examinations will be requested by the Training Provider, booked on Verve EPA by EPA Officers. All other assessment component re-sit and retakes will be made in consultation with the EPA assessor and the Apprentices/Employer, overseen by the EPA Coordinators. All such decisions will be made in conjunction with the guidance provided within the individual standards and assessment plans.

Equality Act

All staff involved with exams will adhere to the requirements of the Equality Act 2010. The key purpose of this act is to prevent discrimination in the workplace and wider sector, setting out different ways in which it is unlawful to treat someone and replaces several other previous acts, such as the Disability Discrimination Act.

Please refer to the TQUK Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations Policy

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