Here at Training Qualifications UK, we like to make sure you’re kept aware of all the most important goings-on in the world of End-Point Assessment. With that in mind, this week we provide information about Verve EPA updates, Level 2 Hair Professional, Adult and Lead Adult Care Worker resource, Children Young People and Family Manager, Learning and Development Discretion Parameters and Team/Leader Supervisor and Operations/ Departmental Manager.

Verve EPA Updates and Changes

Our Verve EPA Suite is undertaking a redesign. The changes are focused mainly on the Assessment progress screen and are being implemented to support stronger visibility of the Apprentice journey. Please note that these updates will come into effect on Tuesday 27th April 2021.

Should you require any support once these updates are Live, please feel free to contact us at and a member of the team will be happy to help.

Hair Professional

As per our latest update, the new Hair Professional discretion is in place to act as a safety net for where there is an exceptional circumstance that would prevent an Apprentice being able to undertake their End-Point Assessment, and therefore, complete their Apprenticeship. Please note that this is not an optional alternative. Further details of this discretion can be viewed here.

To apply for this discretion under the guidance above, we ask that you submit a discretion submission form.

Should you require a submission form, please email

Adult and Lead Adult Care Worker resources

There have been some resource changes for the Adult Care Worker and Lead Adult Care Worker Standard, which include:

  • Process Flowcharts for both standards, which are now available on Verve.
  • A change to the Self-Assessment section of the Apprentice Pack. This has been isolated and uploaded as an individual file for each standard to make this document more user-friendly.

Children Young People and Families Manager

Please note that we have updated our mock competence interview questions for the Children Young People and Families Manager Standard. This is now available on Verve EPA under our support materials section.

Learning and Development Discretion Parameters

As per the formally published guidance and parameters from Ofqual around the discretion published on the IfATE’s website for Learning and Development Practitioner and Learning and Development Consultant Business Partner, we have updated our resources.

The below are now available to download from Verve EPA:

  • A disclaimer for the Training Provider/Apprentice/Employer to sign for when pre-gateway evidence is used
  • A Witness Testimony template – For Learning and Development Practitioner only
  • EPA COVID Delivery Document

Team/Leader Supervisor and Operations/ Departmental Manager

Following Training Qualification UK’s recent internal quality review and moderation activity on our Leadership and Management Apprentice Standards, we want to provide you with an update to our Assessment practices with immediate effect. This is more specifically for where a Portfolio of Evidence is submitted for Team/Leader Supervisor and Operations/ Departmental Manager standards.

Going forward, where a Portfolio of Evidence is submitted with either an ILM or CMI certificate to cover the knowledge criteria, we request this certificate evidence is supported by other knowledge evidence (which you can direct us to within the TQUK Mapping and Tracking document) for assessment/review.

Without question, the ILM/CMI Certificate is a great achievement for the Apprentice. It is also recommended by the IfATE as an On-Programme delivery tool to ensure development and continual assessment of knowledge in a consistent manner.

However, as an EPAO we must operate independently and impartially within the assessment. Where this certificate is submitted as a standalone piece of evidence, we are unable to draw a sound conclusion from this as to exactly what knowledge was tested, and how well the Apprentice performed during this test against the tested modules. This can therefore put the EPA criteria the evidence is referenced against at risk.

Please can we suggest the ILM/CMI certificate be supported with additional evidence to confirm what was tested, along with support via additional evidence to demonstrate the Apprentice knowledge and understanding to the criteria without risk. As a Training Provider, you can review this with the Apprentice to deem what is the best approach to further demonstrate and showcase their knowledge effectively within the portfolio.

If you have any questions about this or anything else mentioned in this update please contact us at

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