We would like to provide an update about the Hair Professional Standard and remote assessment following the Prime Minister’s address to the nation on Saturday 31st October 2020.

As always, safety remains at the heart of all we do.

Based on the latest Government announcement and the most recent lockdown restrictions, coming into effect from Thursday 5th November 2020, unfortunately the delivery and completion of our Hair Professional Standard will be placed on hold.

This means that following the 5th November, the only option for this particular standard is to delay and wait for observations to become practicable once more.

We will of course keep all our centres informed of any further updates as we move forward.

At present, our primary assessment method remains as remote. For all other standards, please refer to our standard specific COVID delivery documents, which outline the process for remote assessments. These documents can be located on our Verve EPA system.

Face to face observations will be permitted if this is the only viable option. In this instance, please seek guidance from the EPA Team and complete our onsite declaration form at Gateway. Training Providers should make sure that this form is completed for each and every assessment location being requested. This is to ensure it is safe and that all necessary health and safety checks and precautions have been made.

As per the guidance in the on-site declaration form, available on Verve EPA, this declaration does not supersede judgements made on the day of assessment, at the assessment location. Therefore, upon arrival to the assessment location or during the assessment, if the Apprentice or End-Point Assessor determine that their health is being put at risk, then both parties can unilaterally abort the assessment. In this scenario, the Apprentice will not be disadvantaged, and the assessment will be deemed as void and not failed.

As always, we are committed to keeping all our centres updated on any further changes.

If you have any queries in relation to the above, please contact the EPA Team at epa@tquk.org, where a member of the team will be happy to assist.

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