TQUK’s exponential growth continues as we now offer End-Point Assessment for the Production Chef Apprenticeship!

Production Chefs work as part of a team in time-bound and challenging kitchen environments. They must maintain excellent standards of hygiene as they produce food in high volumes from standardised menus and recipes. Some of their other duties include:

  • Producing food meeting portion controls and budgetary constraints
  • Adapting and producing dishes to meet special dietary, religious and allergenic requirements
  • Following, completing and maintaining production schedules, legislative and quality standard documentation
  • Communicating internally and externally with customers and colleagues

After Apprentices have undergone their programme (typically lasting 12 months) they will need to pass their End-Point Assessment. This consists of three assessment activities:

  • On-Demand Test
  • Practical Observation
  • Professional Discussion

On-Demand Test

The On-Demand Test will be a 60-minute multiple-choice test that consists of 30 questions. Each question will have four response options and there will be one mark given per correct answer. The Test will be scenario based, requiring the Apprentice to demonstrate reasoning and joined up thinking against key elements of the Apprenticeship Standard. It will also be on-screen and computer marked unless a paper-based test is required. The Test will take place in a controlled environment away from the pressures of work. Some of the subjects that the Test will cover include:

  • The importance of organisational or brand specifications and consistency in food production
  • Techniques for the preparation, assembly, cooking, regeneration and presentation of food
  • The importance of following legislation and the completion of legal documentation
  • Principles of customer service and how individuals impact customer experience

The Test will be externally set and marked by the EPAO (that’s us!) and can be taken either on the Employer’s premises or off-site. It will be graded on a Fail/Pass/Distinction basis.

Practical Observation

In the Production Chef Apprenticeship Standard, Apprentices are required to demonstrate their skills, competence and behaviors in an element job role. To achieve this, they will have to undergo a Practical Observation in the workplace conducted by their End-Point Assessor. This Observation will last for a total of 120 minutes +/- 10% and will allow the Apprentice to demonstrate the skills and behaviours required by the Apprenticeship Standard, including:

  • Checking, preparing, assembling, cooking, regenerating, holding and presenting food with adherence to individual customer requirements
  • Upholding quality and brand/organisational standards as well as safe and hygienic practices

The Observation may be split up to cover organisational requirements, preparation and service. Only one Apprentice will be observed at a time. In the Observations, it is recommended that the End-Point Assessor ask the Apprentice questions to clarify their observations. This questioning should take place at the end of the Observation within a 20 minute time period and will not interfere with the tasks that the Apprentice is undertaking.

The Observation will be scheduled in advance during the EPA planning meeting to allow the Apprentice to prepare fully. The timings and venue will be planned and the Observation will take place when the Apprentice is in their normal place of work. It will be graded on a Fail/Pass basis.

Professional Discussion

The Professional Discussion will be a 40 minute +/- 10% discussion between the Apprentice and their End-Point Assessor. The Discussion will be planned in advance to allow the Apprentice to fully prepare and will be structured to draw out the best of their energy, competence and excellence. The Discussion will take place in a controlled environment and may be conducted using video technology, as long as fair assessment conditions can be maintained.

The End-Point Assessor who marked the Observation will usually be the same person who conducts and marks the Professional Discussion. This allows the Assessor to ask the Apprentice questions covering:

  • The period of learning, development and continuous assessment
  • Coverage of the standard
  • Personal development and reflection

The number of questions asked in total will vary according to the depth of the answers given and how many follow up questions are required. However, the Assessor must prepare a minimum of 7 questions to ask the Apprentice to cover all the assessment requirements and give the Apprentice the opportunity to demonstrate the requirements needed for a Distinction. The Professional Discussion will be graded on a Fail/Pass/Distinction basis.


The overall grade will be based on the Apprentice’s performance across all the assessment methods. To pass their apprenticeship, they must pass all three assessment activities. Their overall grade is then decided according to the grading table below:

On-Demand Test

Practical Observation

Professional Discussion

Overall Grade



Pass Pass
Distinction Pass



Pass Pass
Distinction Distinction


After their apprenticeship, Apprentices can work in a range of establishments including schools, hospitals, the Armed Forces, care homes and pub kitchens.


And there you have it! We hope this helped you gain more insight into the End-Point Assessment for the Production Chef Apprenticeship. Whether you’re an interested Apprentice, Training Provider or Employer, the TQUK’s Production Chef EPA will ensure that all Apprentices have the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours to go out into the world and become a fantastic Production Chef!

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