It’s December and you know what that means… the Christmas season is finally here!

Yes, the advent calendars have been ripped into, the shops have put up their decorations and the Elton John adverts are taking over the TV. Christmas time is here and the holiday spirit is positively palpable.

The TQUK office is always festive when December rolls around. So, we thought it’d be good to share some of our wisdom and recommend some tips to our Management and HR apprentices on how you can keep the holiday cheer up in your own office!


Katy, TJ and Kit in front of the TQUK Christmas tree

Your employees see the same four walls every day, so jazzing up your office with Christmas decorations is the perfect way of bringing the festive spirit to your workplace! The options are endless: Christmas trees, fairy lights, fake snow, a giant inflatable Santa… the more creative the better!

To involve all of your staff, why not ask them to bring in decorations that they’re not using at home? You could even host a best-decorated desk competition and add some competitive spice into the mix!

Secret Santa

Presenting a present

An age old tradition in offices across the world, but a welcome one. A Secret Santa exchange is a great way of bringing the Christmas spirit into your work. It ensures that every employee receives a gift every December, and generates some excitement when your staff play the guessing game after all the names have been drawn! Just be careful to set an inexpensive budget and a deadline so that no staff are left behind if anyone takes annual leave!

If you’d like to go the digital route, then Draw Names is a good online Secret Santa Generator. Invite all your staff to the website and it’ll ensure that no one draws their own name. It also includes a wish list function so that you don’t have to ask your Secret Santa what they want.

A Nice Christmas Do

Christmas dinner table

Treating your staff to a Christmas party is a great way of ending your year on a bang.  There’s a large range of options depending on your budget – a traditional office Christmas party, a round of drinks at the local pub, or even a nice gala in a hotel! Your staff work tirelessly throughout the year, so a nice treat like this goes a long way!

TQUK have already had our Christmas do this year, but unfortunately all evidence, err photos, have disappeared from the night. Crazy!

Christmas Songs

Choir angel statues

Some workers hate them, but there is no escape! The classics must always be considered: ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’, ‘Sleigh Ride’ and ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ are a few among many. There are also modern remixes from those currently big in the music industry, and you should never forget Michael Bublé! We recommend the ‘Christmas Classics’ and ‘Christmas Hits’ playlists on Spotify if you’d like any suggestions.

Just be careful to pace yourself with your Christmas music – if you blast the songs all day from the beginning of December until the end, then you might have an office riot on your hands!


And there you have it! A few tips from TQUK Towers on how you can bring merry cheer to your office and have a spectacular holiday season! To keep up to date with the latest news from TQUK EPA, return to our blog or follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

See you around The Hive!

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